The origin.

I believe I will not be too original if I write that at some point I was convinced by a friend to create this blog. But it is true.

I don’t feel very confident as a writer and it never came to my mind that anyone would like to read what I could put from my mind on paper (or a PC screen in this case). Until one day I was chatting with a friend as she unexpectedly asked me: “Do you write?” As she later explained, it seemed to her that I have the ability to put words together in a manner which makes them really easy to assimilate.

On the other hand I often tend to come up with ideas at random moments, and usually they vaporize as quickly as they appear. Not all of them are good enough to publicize, but a decent deal is… so here they are.

“Weapon” of choice.

Although Polish is my mother tongue I decided to publish in English. The reasons are two – broader audience and practice. Besides I’ve been learning English since I was 6, so I guess I’ll manage.

What (not) to expect.

I’ll start with “nots” – don’t expect any private or intimate topics. I am not an Internet exhibitionist and I will most definitely keep my private matters private.
What I am planning to write about is some professional issues regarding marketing, management, human resources, consulting, coaching and economy in general. I will also post some tips and tricks concerning new technologies, things that make life a bit easier or more efficient.

Hopefully I will be able to read your comments and suggestions. Our thoughts may quickly render useless if kept unexpressed.

Thank you and pleasant reading!